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Why Solar Strong?

In 2007, the price of electricity was not severe enough to entice the market to go the solar route. So we endured load shedding.

Since then and until now, electricity tariffs have increased by 63%, with further threats to raise prices by 32% p/a.

The market is fast realising, Eskom is not getting their act together and prices are spiralling out of control. SOLAR IS NOW!

Solar Strong
Solar Strong

About Solar Strong?

Our accumulative 25 years of experience in the alternative energy industry, plus the launching of multiple successful franchise organizations, we are poised and ready to assist you in building as strong and profitable business.

There has never been a better time in the history of SA to be the solution and get paid for solving it. Solar is finally a necessary commodity and everybody needs one.

Our Product Range

Our approach is like McDonald's. Simple, easy and effective. Too many choices makes for delays, confusion and zero deals signed. We have 5 basic offerings to suit the exact market place.

Solar Strong 5kva
Payment period 60 months
No deposit
Solar Strong 8kva
Payment period 60 months
No deposit
Solar Strong 12kva
3 Phase
Payment period 60 months
No deposit
Solar Strong 16kva
Payment period 60 months
No deposit

Frequently Asked Questions

Let's shed light on some questions we usually get.

Can I go off the grid with solar?

There are many variables to this answer. It depends on your budget, your space for solar panels and weather conditions.

Should I aim to be off the grid totally?

Moving to a total solar usage for energy will mean lifestyle as well as appliance changes. Gas hobs, solar water heating, energy efficient lighting etc. It should be a goal.

When is the right time to go solar?

When the inconvenience of not having power and/or the pricing of electricity is so high that Solar is viable financially. So the answer is Now

I've heard that the batteries must be replaced every so often at great expense. Is this true?

It is a fact that the batteries do not last forever. The amount of usage determines the lifespan. In the old days, batteries lasted around 3-4 years vs the new technology now, batteries are good for up to 10 years.

Are your products great quality?

Our philosophy is: Install a quality product and there's no come backs. Come backs cost time and money and annoy our clients. We've chosen products that are quality tested and reliable.

If I want to get started, how long does it take to get a system installed?

Once your finance has been approved, we book the installation at your earliest convenience. It generally takes 2-3 days to install and then you're up and running

I am eager to start, what is my next step?

Best next step is to get a quote from your nearest Solar Strong agents and get the ball rolling. The sooner you're set up, the sooner your start owning your energy

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